Lunch Week

I have taken this week off work. Yeah! Mostly because my youngest started school, but also because I needed a break.

So what to do, at home sans kids for a whole week (well from 9:30 till 1:30 at least :)).

My hubby and I decided to take a tour of the local restaurants. It’s something we don’t have much opportunity to do for a couple of reasons. Firstly all our relatives are interstate and so it becomes a costly exercise by the time you factor in taxi’s and babysitters. We tend to use babysitters for special occasions.  Yes… we could take the kids, but unfortunately our eldest has very severe food allergies, which I intend writing about once I get up and running with this bloggy thing.

So our tour thus far is:

Monday – Noodle bar. I love Asian noodle dishes, filling yet light. This place was extremely fresh. I always think its a great sign when the place is loaded with Asian people.. at least the food will be authentic!

Tuesday – Chennai Banana Leaf – 252 Blackburn Rd; Glen Waverley

Pete saw this reviewed in the Age, (click here to link)  so we were keen to give it a burl.  So far its the highlight food wise, though the atmosphere wasn’t great, and the get your own cutlery/drink thing doesn’t inspire me. None the less, the food was great, and quite different from the Indian I am used to.

Wednesday – Ocean Princess – Yum Cha

Yum-cha was yum! The only problem is yum-cha is not designed for 2. All the dishes had 3 or 4 pieces and we found after only 5 or so plates we were full. Food was great though.

Thursday ended up being a lay day – finishing up tax returns etc.

Friday. Our neighbours, Kirsten and Gavin, were also home, sans-child and came to lunch too. So we went Yum-Cha again – this time trying far more dishes before getting full. My favorites were the prawn wontons with greens (spinach I think) and mushroom; spring rolls, and sweet pastry with sweet bean curd inside (no-idea what theya re called).

On both occasions it was about $12 per head, which I think is great value.

The waitresses were lovely. They all had heavy accents so it was often difficult to understand what they were saying – but they were incredibly patient with us Westies and very helpful, friendly and ever-smiling. It was fun.


2 responses to “Lunch Week

  • Ted Treiber

    I saw your comment on McD’s and as I have run afoul of things on their menu wanted to suggest you check their ingredients. I dearly love the sausage but it contains powdered milk! I don’t do milk sugar well and there seem to be some problems with eggs for me.

    Anyway hope this can help!


  • Kyles

    Hey thanks for the comment Ted.
    It always pays to check these things from time to time, as they change their recipes and it probably varies a little country to country too.
    The mustard sauce from Maccas has egg yolk, it’s one we got caught out on.

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