Milo Starts School

Picture 003.jpgMonday the 6th of February was Myles' first day at School. 

This day had been awaited with great anticipation!

Being blaze parents (second time around), we hadn't read the notice about start times and other details (neither Peter nor myself are that great with details :)) and arrived early. Not that it mattered, since we needed to be there to drop Isabella off to class.

Myles marched into the room, sat down and started with the play dough and couldn't have cared less whether we were there or not. We left him briefly to drop off Bella and then headed back for the obligatory first day photos. As we returned, he was fully engrossed in one of the computer "games".

10 minutes later, with kisses hugs and smiling good byes, it was all over. Mum and Dad were fine too.

Three days into the year and all is well. He has made new friends (though in typical boy fashion, doesn't remember their names – "hey you" and "boy" usually suffice.)

He's tired and having fun.

I'll post a photo as soon as I can locate the cable for the camera.

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