It’s ironic that two foodie people end up with a child with food allergies.  Pete is a fantastic cook, and I am a fantastic eater. He has been honing his skills over many years and makes brilliant food – but my favorites are his Indian curries, roast chook and Moroccan lemon chicken in the Tagine. He preserves his own lemons for this recipe. Heaven in a bowl.

I guess Pete’s focus and obsessiveness in the kitchen is a blessing. Isabella rarely feels like she misses out when we are home.

It’s been quite a while since we have experienced a severe reaction. We have been pretty careful. She did get some minor face swelling/welts from her subway the other day. Mostly likely the salami (which she loves) had milk in it.

Eating out with Bella is the most difficult part of her allergies. We seem to gravitate back to chips or McDonald’s. Yuck! But safe. Subway is a new option – which is pretty good, except when Bella insists on Salami. We eat quite a lot of sushi, which Milo loves! He hates vegies but will eat fish eggs, avacado and seaweed – go figure. However, we are not game to give Bella sushi without fish because we fear of cross-contamination, especially from the Salmon.


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