Setting up my Blog – Getting an Image into a Post

A very boring and predictable post.. possibly. But hoping it will help Bron, Mum and Dad 🙂

I went to and registered. I followed their instructions. (hard so far huh?)

The only thing I have really had any trouble with was adding an image to my page/post. Firstly you use the Upload feature underneath the “Save” and “Publish” buttons on the “Write Post” page. This allows you to browse to the photo you want to add and Upload it to the wordpress site. It should then appear if you select “Browse all” tab in the upload box. Left Click on the image and select “Send to Editor” .

Voila! – as Milo would say.

If you then click on the image in your Write Post edit – you will see it is selected by he handles on the image. Then select the picture of the tree in the menu bar for writing a Post. This will allow you to position the image in your text. If you do this, and your image takes over the whole post, you need to edit you picture (in paint or similar) to reduce the size. I use the “skew/scale” option and keep reducing until its the right size…. making sure that I keep the proportions right. Simply save (as another name) and upload the reduced size file.

If you want to add a series of photos – ie. an album – I believe you are better off adding in a photo manager. Have a look at Cam’s site to get an idea of what I mean.

He also has lots of references and handy hints in this entry in his blog.

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