Tourists in our own city -Melbourne

We had a wonderful Christmas last year. Peter’s sister Nyree and family stayed with us. It was wonderful for the kids to spend time with their cousins, which they so rarely do because they live interstate.

Whilst they were here, we did many touristy things in Melbourne – things that people with kids would probably enjoy:

  • Luna Park this is great for younger kids… a bit lame for kids that are used to SeaWorld, Dreamworld or Disneyland – however a bit cheaper too!! It was $100 or so for 2 adults and 2 kids – unlimited rides – plus you could get in and out at any time – so that you could leave and buy food. The trick is to get there close to opening, as the lines are short.
  • Melbourne Museum We love the Museum at any time. They have great kids areas, plus ours love all the animals and insects. It’s cheap to get in. There’s food there, which on the expensive side of normal when you need to feed and water a whole family.
  • Puffing Billy This is nice thing to do once in a while. I think its quite expensive, and if the kids are a bit ratty, it can be a nightmare!!  One trick here is to get off at Emerald rather than continuing on to Lakeside (about 10 mins further on). In Emerald there are some shops and a great play ground for the kids, so you can buy lunch and relax. There’s not much at lakeside, so if you haven’t packed a lunch it can be annoying to say the least!!
  • Melbourne Aquarium I don’t know whether this one is better or worse than Sydney… all I know is that the kids enjoy patting the creatures, watching the sharks swim over head and the other usual things you’d expect to see.
  • Played in the local park. We are lucky enough to live next to a park, so we spent a few hours there!
  • Shopping at Chadstone Nyree lives in the country – and loves shopping, and loves Chadstone. I don’t normally shop there, even though it is quite close- as I find it a little overwhelming.
  • Narnia THe boys took the older kids to Narnia, which they LOVED!!! I can’t comment,a s I didn’t see it. But Nyree and I enjoyed the break.
  • Just Like Heaven Nyree and I decided to see a chick-flick and take the older girls. It was rated PG, very predictable, cute and funny. We loved it – but the boys would have hated it. Reese is gorgeous!

Here’s a couple of pics of the kids hanging out together…

3 kids  faces.JPG  batman.JPG  sparklers 2.JPG  sparklers11.JPG


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