Easter Saturday at the Farm

My cousin and her husband have a farm just outside Warrigal. The are both bellahorse1.JPGDoctors, so the farm is smallish and not their sole income source! On Saturday my sister and I took our kids up there for the day (Bronny – my sister- is visiting from Perth with her 3 kids).

It was such a fabulous day it made me want to buy a farm!! Well almost 🙂

They have a beautiful, but practical, huge house so the kids could run riot even though it was raining. There were 8 kids altogether – though it didn't feel as crazy as 5 kids in my house. The weather was poor, which was a shame, though I don't think the kids cared a scrap!

The have a large "springfree trampoline" which is enclosed and quite safe. I'd love to get ben.JPGone in our backyard -perhaps a smaller one (since our yard is significantly smaller than their 40 acres). All the kids spent a lot of time on it – particularly Bella, who was practicing her handstands and cartwheels.

They also have a georgous old pony that the kids could ride without help, so everyone had a ride – including Bronny!! There was a huge cubby hut, sandpit, cows to feed, chooks, goats and James and Milo got to drive the tractor.

It was an awesome day – the kids were knackered. As Bronny said – "who needs play station when you have a farm". 


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