The Frustrated Blogger

Since establishing my blog a couple of months ago, I had been consistently getting 5-10 search engine hits per day – mostly people searching for egg free and dairy free recipes. Then suddenly, for no apparent reason, they have stopped, and so has my traffic.

Now, whilst I am not trying to get traffic to my blog for commercial gain, it's a warm and comforting thought that I can reach people who also have kids with allergies, and that other people are reading some of my crap and I'm not just writing it for my own entertainment.

How do I get the search engine's to see me again?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated…..

That is – if anyone reads this entry….

One response to “The Frustrated Blogger

  • Cameron Incoll

    hmm, interesting one. I can still find you in google with a ‘targeted’ search… but not a general one for egg and dairy free recipes.

    but then I got thinking…what if I search for the name of one of your pages “Food Allergy Receipes”

    You appear #1 in the list! It’s just that recipe is spelt wrong!!!

    As for your other recipe posts, maybe you should be including in the body of your post “Here’s another recipe that’s good for people with dairy and egg allergies” so that the search engines can categorise each post correctly.


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