What are the odds?

Tuesday was a public holiday in Australia. Anzac Day.

Monday my office was closed – forced annual leave.

Monday was not a school holiday.

So that meant Pete and I had a day at home – child free!!! And so we made some adult plans.

Sunday night approx 1:30am Myles starts vomitting. This lasts until approximately 5am. There goes the child free day.

So what are the odds that this would occur? Murphy's law would predict this type of event. I'd say the odds that I have to take a day off work when the kids are a school are reasonably rare… lets be generous and say 2 times per year (like I say generous), so if there are approx 230 working days per year thats about 115:1; and the odds that one of the kids is sick and off school for the day… lets say they have 5 days off school per year each, out of approx 200 school days each, so 400:10 or 40:1; so the odds of this co-incidence: 4600:1.

Better than winning tattslotto I guess, but bloody unlucky!!

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