Self-Basting Chickens

Today Peter asked me to pick up a chook on my way home. I stopped at Coles and went to the meat section and selected myself a huge Corn-feed chook… mmm roast chook, its a family favorite!

When I got home Peter pulled it out of the shopping bag and asked why I had bought a "Self-Basting" chicken. I had no idea what I had bought. After all -you go to the meat section and select your meat – you don't need to check the ingredients – or do you….  After all – shouldn't a chook contain 100% chicken?

Well not in this case. Along with a collection of icky additives (mmm) was MILK!!

So off I scooted, back to Coles, (who refunded my money- no questions) and purchased a free-range chook – just chook.

Just when I though I had it all under control, what to buy, what to check, where the traps were, I was blind sided by the marketing of a raw chicken. What are "they" thinking?

Lucky Pete is on the ball, otherwise we would have had a fun night tonight!

The free-range chook was yummy by the way 🙂

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