No – not the tv show! The countdown has begun to my fortieth birthday. Forty. 40. Foe tea. Four-tee. The zero's get you – it means you leave your old numbers behind and enter a new decade. Welcome to baldness, erectile dysfunction, slowing matabolism, raging hormones, cognitive decline, hmmmm.

It is also the time you are supposed to gain wisdom. So in 19 days – I will let you know if that is true. Seriously though, in ancient China positions of political power were reserved for men over 40, as it was assumed that maturity and judgement were attained at this age.

If your thirties is the time you become responsible (though I think I suffer from eldest child syndrome and hence been responsible for ever), then what are your 40s? Maybe mine will be my decade of rebellion instead of the decade of wisdom. My rebellions to date have been somewhat small and insignificant! I saw a young women on the train with lime green hair and have been wondering whether that would suit me, and how tolerant my conservative work place would be. I know there are dress guidelines – but I'm not sure they extend to hair colour…. yet 🙂 Hair is such a minor rebellion too, perhaps I will quit my job and live on a commune, or is that simply a lifestyle choice?

On Thursday, I realised my countdown to 40 had started in earnest. I felt a rough patch on one of my back teeth – and stuck a finger in my mouth to investigate. As I ran my fingernail up against the "rough" on my tooth, a piece of enamel lifted and broke off!!! Arrrrgh! I guess 30 odd year old teeth don't hack the pace of life the way young teeth do. Ever since having children, my teeth have been awful. I must have spent over $10K on them in the past 5 years! And shortly that figure will increase…..

I look back through the past 3 decades – well 4, but I must say I don't remember much of the first, I realise I have done quite a lot. Probably no more than most, and certainly less than some over-achievers out there. Is it enough? Has it made a difference? Does anyone care?  

Although I am not a habitual list maker (I am a strong "P" in Myers-Briggs terminology), I thought I'd make myself a little list for myself for the next decade and beyond:

Things to do this decade

  • travel overseas with the kids
  • drive through Paris in a convertable
  • Go on all the rides at Disney Land
  • Stay in Tuscany and have cooking lessons
  • write a book
  • go to Cannes and/or Sundance film festivals
  • play Moonlight Sonata once more
  • Eat at Tetsuya's

The list will be longer – but requires more consideration (and I'm late for a get together) – and suggestions, so let me know what you think!

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