Myers-Briggs Type

I love doing personality analysis "tests". Myers-Briggs is particularly good one, based on Jungian theory.

You can do a free online test to find out your type. I don't think it is quite as accurate as the "real" Myers-Briggs test – however it's reasonably close.

I am an "ENTP".  My I/E are very close to neutral and my T/F are close too. I think the result can depend on my mood and mode of operation of the day I take the test. My "N" or intuitive has always been high. My "P" score has been high in the past – but has fallen off a little of late – I suspect because I live with a bigger P than myself and find myself acting as the "J"… which is essential to functioning in life – ie. making decisions and getting organised….

Broadly the aspects the test determine are:

  • Extrovert/Introvert – where you draw your energy – through people or alone
  • iNtuitive/Sensing – whether you observe the world through concepts or details
  • Thinking/Feeling – does logic drive your decisions or emotion
  • Judging/Perceiving – structured, decisive, organised vs flexible, easy-going, adaptive

Your type indicates you preferred way of operating. It does not mean you can't be easy-going and organised, just that your relaxed/preferred approach would be to take things as they come, rather than plan everything to the Nth degree. This site does a good job of describing the aspects and what they indicate.

Anyway try it out and let me know what your type is… 

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