It’s raining Babies – Scarlett, George, Leah & Oliver

A couple of weeks ago I went to meet baby George Eaves. If I'd had my wits about me, I would have taken a camera and posted some pics – but hey life is mad. Anyways, Jon has some pics on his blog here.

What proud parents Jon and Sue are! Little George is a good size for four weeks early, and is very healthy and thriving.

Bella and Myles came over too, however we had to take them to the park. Five-ten minutes is their limit on being sensible in an "adult" house where everything is "boring".

It was lovely to catch up with the guys and see first hand just how soppy Jon is, and to have my first cuddle of little George.

Monday little Scarlet Boys entered the world, via planned C-section. All went smoothly and Mum and Bubs are both doing extremely well. I will add some pics after I have been for a visit.

And over in Ireland, Simon and his wife have just had twins; Leah and Oliver – one of each. The kids are both doing well and Simon is as pleased as punch!

Peter met Simon whilst attending a "Music for the Media" program in the UK last November. They now collaborate on music projects via the internet – isn't technology a wonderful thing!! 


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