Bella’s Party

It was Bella’s 7th birthday in June and we had a birthday party. Bella persuaded me to have a slumber party… which I must say, I was pretty apprehensive about!!  We had 7 girls for the “party”, and 3 stayed over. I’m surprised at how smoothly it went – and I’d actually do it again!!

We had party food on arrival (without too much sugar!!) and played party games including pass-the-parcel, musically statues (a fave), pop each others balloon, pass the sock and a memory game. We had lots of prizes and the house was a buzz.

Once the “party” was over the rest of the girls played quietly with dolls, painted nails and “watched” a movie (they were much keener on playing with the dolls and being little girls!)

I eventually got them to sleep about midnight – after several trips to the loo and 1 blood nose. They woke early at 7am. We made pancakes for breakfast. Then it was outside to play basketball and run around. We ended the sleep-over with the piñata, which was a lovely climax. Kids and lollies 🙂

I made the birthday cake – which was a complete disaster!! Though the kids didn’t care at all. I tried to make a “barbie cake” – like the ice-cream cake you see. I used the “Bella friendly cake” recipe… but it was way to soft and fresh to use to stand up the doll – so I opted for a sitting down barbie cake – with a “chocolate throne”. I thought it was very funny, but the kids thought it was awesome… lucky they not very discerning!

Here’s a couple of pics of the cake. It has white icing for the dress, chocolate icing for the throne and flower, and flower marshmallows for decoration. 


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