The Road to “Normal”

Four weeks ago we took Bella to her first appointment with a new allergy specialist, Jo Smart. Jo’s process of meeting, skin tests and review was far better than the drawn out process we were used to at the Children’s hospital. And Jo has a lovely “bed-side” manner.

Her skin prick test results were surprising. Cow’s Milk had virtually no reaction, egg white quite small and raw salmon none… however the salmon extract produced a solid positive reaction.

Interestingly, the first “control” test did not get much a reaction either – so I don’t have enormous faith in the results. (Apparently results can be affected by excema under the skin (?), and Bella had a little excema on her arms). I gather Jo wasn’t convinced either – as she also sent us for blood tests (RAST tests) to confirm the skin prick tests. We are expecting to get some feedback on the results of the blood tests any day now.

Bella is booked into a Milk challenge in October and an Egg challenge in November. So keep your fingers crossed for her! She is already getting excited about having cheese and chocolate!

We might be on the trail to a “normal” life yet…..

skinprick2.jpg Click on the photo to link to a bigger image on flickr

3 responses to “The Road to “Normal”

  • Jon Eaves

    Congratulations Bella !

    Having known you since you were a very little girl, and now having a little man of my own, it’s a great thing to see that your allergies are hopefully fading as you grow.

    Keep taking care of yourself.

    Lots of love
    — jon, sue & george

  • kylie

    Thanks Jon,

    You’ve really put my hopes up that I do lose my allergies. Mum and Dad have let me try some things with milk in them, like cheese, chocolate and cheezels (chocolate and cheezels were my favorites).

    See you soon
    From Bella

  • goran

    This is really great news Bella.

    The Milk Challenge is getting closer so best of luck with that; you know that chocolate is an excellent way to practice for it. 😉

    I hope everything continues to improve.

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