I was quite upset last night when Pete updated me on his day.

Bella came home from school upset, crying, and asked Peter to “just kill me”. I’ve seen this behaviour before – when she has a realisation that she has done something particularly bad. But this time the cause was being teased at school about her allergies. A couple of kids from another class were telling her she was going to die because of her allergies.

I was pleased that she was happy to open up to Pete, but sad that I wasn’t there for her. Mostly I hope she is able to rise above the taunts, develops empathy for others being teased and becomes strong enough to lead others to be compassionate and caring.

From a practical point of view, the class teacher and school nurse will be informed so the Bella has someone to go to if it happens again.

Kids can be so cruel.


4 responses to “Teasing

  • Travis

    Kylie, that’s awful. Bullying is a really hard thing to rise above and can shadow you for years. I hope Bella finds a way to overcome it.

  • Jon Eaves

    Bella, you’re a wonderful girl, who I’m very proud to know.

    I’m now and old, balding grumpy guy, who was a fat, nerdy kid who was teased most days at school.

    It isn’t nice, and I’m sorry to hear that you were subjected to such cruel taunts.

    As somebody who has had the time (and it’s a long time now) to reflect on this, when people are unkind, it’s generally a reflection on them, and not on you.

    Feel pity for the children who have to make others feel bad just to get enjoyment. Feel sorry for them as that is their only source of joy. Feel happy for yourself and your friends who seek out positive things and encourage each other.

    Nurture your friends that you feel good being around, and who want you there.

    Come and visit George, he could do with a hug 😉

  • kylie

    Thank you Jon.
    Soon I’ll come over and give George a BIG hug.
    From Bella.

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