Commercialising the Blog

I often look at the data that shows how people get to my site.

Mostly people use search engines and are looking for egg free and dairy free recipes, or allergy pictures.

One blog site that has a link to mine is another allergy blog, that is only a month or two old, and they have google ads. If you sign up to Google Ads they put 3 or 4 small, content relevant ads on your blog. If surfers click on the ads, the blog owner collects a small fee (quite small I imagine). As the clicks build up – they eventually accumulate enough $ that google will send them a check.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I certainly didn’t set up a blog to make money… but I also know I now get a lot of hits.

So what are the ethics associated with putting ads on your blog?

On the one hand – they are a small and non-intrusive, people can see they are paid ads – so it is not deceptive, and it may prove useful to surfers to find more info.

On the other hand – it would feel sort of fake. Would it change what I write about in an effort to attract more visitors? A blog is to jot down your thoughts – have a rave – reach others. Is attempting to make money from it right? Is this capitalism going crazy? These days everything seems to have an angle. I can’t imagine we would be talking about enough money to make it worth the hassle… or would it?

What are your thoughts?

I am keen to know.

4 responses to “Commercialising the Blog

  • allergicmom

    I suspect you’re talking about my blog (haven’t linked to it in case you didn’t want it linked).

    I turned the ads on accidentally and just now figured out how to turn them off again. (Blogger is owned by google, and those are google ads — it’s one click to turn on the ads, and a squint-eyed surf through the HTML template to find out where to turn them off.)

    But it wasn’t affecting what I was blogging about, and it certainly didn’t change any of my content, so I’m not too worried about the ethics of it.

    My other question … I was wondering if you wanted to start up a webring of blogs of families with allergic kids … let me know. I think it would be valuable to have other families to lean on.

  • Kylie

    Hi Allergicmom,

    I was referring to your blog 🙂
    And I wasn’t intending to have a go at you either… just interested in generating some debate and discussion.
    Happy to set up a blog-ring… as long as you explain what a blog ring is.
    I think anything that offers support to parents of newly diagnosed allergy-kids – and or allerts the public to the issues is a good thing.

  • allergicmom

    Here’s a link to a knitting webring so you can see what they look like.

    Basically, we all put links to the webring, and then the ring links all together.

  • Travo

    Kylie, I guess it’s depends on whether or not you’d like to drive more traffic to your site and what ‘context’ you’d like to have your blog read.

    I think being part of a community of people writing about being parents with allergic children is good thing for you, it has the right context. Cross linking among the group will serve to increase the credibility of your words and this will attract interested visitors like bees to honey.

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