Boy am I SLACK.

I have been neglecting my blog! An my commenters (sorry guys).

So here goes – what’s been happening!!

The week before last I was in Queensland – up at the Twin Waters Resort for our national dealer sales conference. It was a blast. (I mean it was very hard work and very tiring;)  I drank a little too much – but it was fun and the weather was fantastic. Why the hell don’t we all live in Queensland?? (Mmmm that would be the tropical summers I guess).

Work in general has been crazy. We have won a couple of huge contracts with Defence, Qld Health, plus we are still integrating two other business acquisitions into our business, plus the usual day to day stuff.

Pete has been a bit crazy too. He has been getting heaps of IT work and working on an ad for Samsung. His next is an ad in Dubai, and he may have to head over there for 3 weeks. I want to go too – but I’m not sure if that is going to fly. (Hi Mum – want to come and visit :))

I was in a meeting (two weeks ago I think) and someone said “only 17 weeks until Christmas”). How did that happen so fast!

Two weeks ago I spoke with Bella’s new specialist about her allergy blood tests – and its all good!! Her Dairy allergy came back negative and her Egg allergy test was low. That means she will have her Dairy challenge at the end of October and an Egg challenge at the end of November. It may prove that she has a Milk intolerance, but we’ll wait and see.

We are planning a party for Bella post her Milk challenge, a sort of “coming out” from Milk allergy. She would like Cheezels, chocolate and ice-cream cake!! She can’t wait 🙂 and neither can I!

It will mean quite a different Christmas this year – and we can go on a holiday and relax about eating. Fish is easy to avoid (relatively speaking). We have never been on a family holiday, besides visiting the interstate relos. Ever. It will be a lot easier now.

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