The Royal Melbourne Show

Pete and I took the kids to the show today. We caught the train at 8:50 and were in the showgrounds by 9:30-9:45. It seemed far more open and spacious than I’d remembered from my visits as a kid.

There were plenty of rides, which were rather expensive. We had one ride early on, before the crowds arrived, but costliness of the rides kept the queues quite short… which made it easier to take a second ride before leaving! Bella and I went on a rollercoaster (which was a bit lame) and another ride which goes round and round (lucky I don’t rely on writing to earn a living). Milo was content to play sideshow games in lieu of rides – he finds them a little overwhelming. Like father like son. At least when we finally get to Disneyland I will have one daredevil child to keep me company on the scary rides 🙂

We watched the horses in the arena; visited the cows and cow judging; saw the arts & crafts; tasted samples of chilli, licorice, sausages and other tasty morsels; checked out the Government area with the SES, police and fire brigade – where the kids got to sit in the back of a divi-van and “ride” the Police motorbike; we watched the wood chopping competition; saw the snakes. There was plenty to see and do.


Then we entered one of the show bag pavillions. The kids were squealing with excitement, eyes like saucers. They couldn’t believe there was sooo much stuff.

Who invented pocket money? Our miserly Bella had accumulated enough money to buy half the sugar at the show. She came home with 5 show bags stuffed full of sugar infested “food”; with every artificial colour and flavour known to man.  But she thinks this is heaven and says as much. She can’t believe her luck… being allowed to buy so much sugar… and then eat it!!

Arriving home, I now sit and watch the kids stuff themselves with the sugary lollies contained in the showbags. My dilemma – let them stuff themselves now and get it all over and done with… or ration the lollies and put up with the sugar highs for the next few weeks and the constant nagging.

I do remember the bittersweet pleasure of eating way too many lollies to the point of feeling ill. I guess we all have to do it once in a while, after all we are only young once. I ate one lolly and it made my tooth hurt.

I have tended toward the over and done with philosophy. Maybe it will create a lolly aversion due to excessive consumption. (Who am I kidding.) Anyway Bella is going to a friends house for dinner… so at least the kids will bounce off the walls rather than each other.

Wish me well as I deal with the aftermath….


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