Remembering Chris Large … 3 Mar 1951 – 11 Oct 2005

It’s a year since Chris Large was taken from us, after a long battle with cancer.

He was my mentor, my colleague and my friend and I have many fond memories of this amazing man.

Chris was a leader, the best I have worked with or for. He had the ability to create and sell a vision, painting a vivid picture of the future and the possibilities. He was able to generate a ground swell among his people, creating a crystal clear path with enormous passion, energy and commitment. He ran interference from those who tried to derail the pathway and enabled his people to follow the path he created. I’ve had never experienced such great leadership before and I’ve not seen it since. I attempt to model his behaviour whenever I can.

Chris was loyal to a fault. He was always behind his people 100%.

I remember his passion for music. You could always hear music floating from his office, Pink Floyd, Ben Harper, Led Zeppelin.

I learnt many things, including to take a chance with people, they can surprise you; that work has to be fun – otherwise why are we here; and the importance of building the team but recognising individuals.

I miss Chris, but not as much as his wife Annette and sons, especially Matt, his pride and joy.

He fought valiantly to the end… I still struggle to believe that cancer was able to beat this incredible man!

Chris, you will always be close to me, in my thoughts and actions. We miss you.


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