The Cat’s Whiskers

Last night I asked Milo if someone had cut his hair.

I noticed his fringe was rather crooked. He confirmed what I had suspected, he had given himself a haircut. He then informed me that he also gave out cat a haircut. Our poor Pip now has stubble instead of whiskers.

Fortunately (??) he cut off both sides, so Pip will not be too unbalanced. I read that they should grow back in 2 to 3 months, so hopefully the poor old thing copes during the regrowth and doesn’t manage to injure herself, or cause any damage to her eyes.

Kids and scissors…. I seem to recall becoming a budding hairdresser as a 5 year old too. I cut off my sister’s fringe at the hairline (very attractive). At least I was smart enough to blame her 🙂


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