Bella – Allergy Free – well almost!!

It’s only two weeks to Christmas! Where did the year go?

In the past couple of months, Bella has had both a Milk and Egg challenge. And passed!

Her milk challenge was a breeze, and she has been regularly consuming milk and other diary products ever since.

Her Egg challenge was also considered successful – no wheezing, blotches vomiting or other physical side-effects, but I noticed some rather uncharacteristic behaviour, and she complained of a sore tummy. The GREAT news is that egg and milk are no longer life threatening, which makes our lives immeasurably easier. Free to shop without checking the labels, free to eat at restaurants, free to go on holidays and eat resort food, free to eat at friends without bringing our own food, or checking their labels, free to drop Bella at a friend’s house for a visit or party or sleep over without worrying about her food.


Bella has been delighting in trying all the foods she has been denied: Icecream; Donuts; Birthday cake; chocolate; twisties; and the list goes on (all health food, of course :))

So here’s to our new life without milk and egg allergy!

13 responses to “Bella – Allergy Free – well almost!!

  • Jon Eaves

    Whoooo-hoooooo !!!!!!!

    Fantastic news Bella!

    Love to you, your Mum, Dad and Milo.

    Take care over Christmas and maybe you can come and play with Georgie in the new year…

  • Sue Eaves

    That is such fantastic news. I can’t imagine a life deprived of Birthday cake and donuts 🙂

    Enjoy Bella (and family)!


  • Swaha

    Fantastic! If I may ask, how old was Bella when she passed the milk challenge?

  • Kylie

    Bella would have been about 7 years old.

  • Celine


    My son Neil 10 years of age also went for food challenges, he passed the peanut challenge and has been eating peanut butter sandwiches all summer. Last week they also gave him the egg challenge which he also passed! But…Like Bella he is experiencing tummy aches after eating eggs…Should I be concererned? He seems fine when the eggs are in baked goods. Not sure what to do!! Should I keep giving him eggs? He also might be getting a milk challenge in the spring so I’m keeping my hopes up!

  • Kylie

    Hi Celine,

    That’s fantastic news! It must be huge relief to be over the peanut allergy.
    I’m not a doctor or nurse, so the following is not advice, simply a desciption of what we have chosen to do with Bella.
    Since egg is no longer life threatening to Bella, we let her decide whether or not she wants to eat them. She won’t eat “obvious egg” i.e. boiled egg, scrambled etc., and I let her know of high egg food like quiche and creme brulee, however food that contains cooked small amounts of cooked egg like cakes and biscuits are fine for her. When she reacted to the egg, our worst couple of episodes involved feeling sick and throwing up… much better than anaphylaxis!
    If Bella never ate egg again, I doubt it will harm her health, so I don’t see the point in pushing her egg consumption further than it is today. The great thing from our perspective is we don’t have to read every packet to see if the food contains egg!

    For your son, I guess you will have to make a choice as to how to proceed taking your doctor’s advice on how to proceed, your son’s view and do what makes you all feel comfortable.

    Fingers crossed for the milk challenge!


  • Celine

    Thank-you for your quick reply. I think we will go ahead and keep givng him the egg a little at a time. The egg challenge was just this past tuesday sept. 4th and he was fine in hospital. Now a few days later I decided to make him lemon meringue pie…Big mistake as the meringue is pure egg white ( and not well cooked) He’s been feeling sick now every time he eats eggs…So I think I’ll just have to take it easy. I was just so excited that I wanted to give him everything and bake him everything I never could before! I’m happy your daughter is allergy free. Is there any chance of her allergy returning? Do you still carry an Epi pen for her?


  • Kylie

    Hi Celine,

    I know what you mean about wanting to give them everything – after Bella’s successful milk challenge we had a party with chocolate, cheezles, twistees, cheese and heaps of other milk products. She had a ball.
    Bella is still allergic to fish – and has a very severe reaction to salmon, so she still has an epipen. Whilst it is an issue – it’s far easier to avoid fish, than it is to avoid egg and dairy.
    It’s unlikely her milk and egg allergy will increase again – however it’s uncommon for fish allergy to disappear. I guess we won’t be moving to Asia in a hurry – they use fish sauce in everything!


  • Celine

    Well that’s great. I hope to have the same milk party one day…And actulally make him my home made pizza!!
    People take alot of things for granted. But… Like my son says “it’s no big deal I’m used to it”….And there are worst diseases in the world to deal with. Well it was nice chatting with you..If you are still here in the spring I’ll let you know how his milk challenge went.

  • VK

    Kylie, after further navigating around on this blog, I see bella has outgrown milk and egg allergy. Congratulations. I can imagine what kind of a relief it is having a son myself with severe milk and egg allergy. Can you please email me the particulars of
    1)When was she diagnosed with milk, egg allergy?
    2)What were her RAST values for these?
    3)When did she outgrow the milk allergy? I saw a note that she was 7yr old at that time. Can you please confirm?
    4)Did you do anything extra to help her outgrow the allergies other than avoiding the offending foods.
    The doctors in my son’s case say he probably will never outgrow milk allergy because of how high is RAST value is. But I know of people who have higher values with no symptoms. So I am very confused. I really appreciate some guidance in this matter.

  • kylie

    Hi VK,

    To answer your questions:

    1. Her allergies to milk and egg were diagnosed at about 6 months old via skin prick tests. (after a major reaction to cow milk).
    2. I don’t think I ever received the results of Bella’s RAST tests which she had just before her milk and egg challenge(they don’t seem to do them in Australia very often – or at least not when Bella was first diagnosed). I’ll dig back through her file and check though. Interesting comments on wikipedia about RAST tests, saying it has been replaced by a superior test???
    3. Bella would have been between 7 and 7 and 1/2 when she passed both the milk and egg challenge – although egg still makes her throw up.
    4. Nothing extra. The specialists kept saying she would grow out of them (except the fish allergy)… and she did.
    Another parent of an allergic child tried an alternative therapy and swears by it. I will ask around and see if I can find out some more and post back if I do.
    I understand your frustration. There are no answers. If you are in the US, I recomend you track down the book I mentioned in the blog It has references to support organisations were you could meet other parents and get some practical experiential advice.

    Good luck

  • VK

    Thanks Kylie for the response. I really appreciate if you can dig out the RAST results and share them. It would help me compare against my son’s values and see if it offers me some hope. You mentioned that the specialists said Bella would outgrow the milk and egg allergy except the fist allergy. I wonder how they determine that? I really appreciate if you can share info on any alternative therapy. I have tried everything from Ayurveda, homeopathy, Naet e.t.c. But the most difficult part is to know how long to try anything to know if it is working or not. I try for 2-3months before giving up and going to the next one. Have you heard about Advanced Allergy Elimination – I wonder if it works.

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