We have decided to relocate to the UK for a couple of years. It’s a combination of Bella’s allergies calming down; opportunity for Pete in the music business; the chance to see Europe and the kids being a great age to relocate. Basically we struggle to find reasons to not go!

I’m feeling very overwhelmed at the moment, so much to organise whilst working full time.  I’ve taken this week off in the hope of making some in roads into getting the house on the market, throwing away 15 years worth of junk. It’s amazing how much useless stuff you can accumulate. Half used candles, clay modeling tools, plastic toys x 100000, notes from courses and the list goes on. Then there’s more useful stuff, the books, photos, videos, music manuscripts, things you that you feel somewhat attached to, but don’t really refer to often or use – but its comforting to know that its there, a sort of proof that you have lived and done something worthwhile with your life.

A book I read recently suggested you keep clutter because it represents possibility to you. The more keep, the more possibilities and the more procrastination. Where to start? What to do first? The clutter becomes the reason you don’t get anything done. You can’t bear to throw it away because you are giving up possibility, but while you are surrounded by vast piles of possibility, you are preventing yourself from focusing on one or two things and achieving your dreams.

I can see some truth in that.

It doesn’t account for my natural disposition for indecisiveness. Even now, the nice but only slightly used candle is in my “not sure what to do with this stuff” pile.

I have some tough decisions… like my stamp collection. It is very extensive and I’ve invested a lot of time and money (though not in the past 10 years or so). So do I keep it for the kids? Sell it? Move it? If I keep it, where do I keep it?

The feeling I hope to achieve, is the one I felt whilst traveling through the Kimberley. The sense of calmness and being present in the moment experienced during the trip I attributed to the wonderful land and open space. I now wonder whether it was the complete lack of ties to anything material. We had our car, clothes and supplies, perhaps a couple of books or mags. I wasn’t distracted by what I should be doing – or the piles of “possibilities”. When I leave for the UK – I will take the basics, and will be leaving behind the physical reminders and daily clutter.

I’m sure the whole process will be very cathartic… now I best stop procrastinating and turn this possibility into reality.

One response to “Clutter

  • Mel

    I’ve just found your blog! I can empathise with the moving thing, we moved last August to France from UK (not quite the same scale as you) with four small children…it’s really hard and overwhelming! Hang in there.

    I’ve just started a recipes blog, all the recipes are egg, dairy and soya free, and some gluten-free. My eldest and particularly my youngest have lots of allergies. But everything is relative, when I saw Bella’s eczema I really felt for you. My eldest suffered, but not on the same scale.

    Anyway, good luck with the move, and i’d value any comments on my blog! I’m such a novice!

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