Allergies and Excema – its not all over yet!

Bella is supposedly ok with eggs now, although she did complain of a tummy ache at her egg challenge, and her behaviour changed, but the hospital dismissed the symptoms – as they are subjective. So we have been working on the – all clear theory.

Last night our dinner was fairly egg intensive.  Pete made crepes – with egg, and some Asian style scrambled egg, to use with other fillings in the crepes.

Bella made good headway into the meal, but about half way through said she didn’t feel like any more. 10 minutes later she began complaining of a stomach ache. This got progressively worse and she began crying, and moved into her bedroom – away from the yucky food. (“I can’t look at it mummy”). Then she threw up.

There were no signed of hives, swelling, or other allergic reactions. I gave her some phenergen anyway – I figured it couldn’t hurt. We cuddled on the couch and an hour or so later she had something else to eat.

A few point here:

  1. Bella has eaten egg many times. Usually cooking in something – probably in fairly small quantities.
  2. Often, I imagine, the eggs she is exposed to are battery eggs, non-organic etc. – cheap and not “real” in old fashioned sense – used in production
  3. Last night Pete bought beautiful, fresh, hard shelled, organic, bio-dynamic eggs from Macro. The yolks were bright, bright yellow and they truly tasted like egg!
  4. Bella hates bio-dynamic milk – but will drink Rev. The purer form (that tastes like the milk we drank when they made you drink those small bottles of milk at school) is too “milky” for her.

So I wonder whether the highly processed versions of her problem foods are better tolerated than the less processed? It makes sense that the processing reduces the quality. Or perhaps their is something specifically in the egg that is more abundant or concentrated in bio-organic eggs?

Don’t think I’ll experiment on her to find out 🙂

It will be interesting to see what happens with her skin in the next day or so. I’ll get some pictures of the excema if we get a flair up.


5 responses to “Allergies and Excema – its not all over yet!

  • Kathy Smith

    Just a note about Bella’s egg tummy ache. This could also be due to the reintroduction of the food itself. When we had to modify my son’s diet to no soy-egg-dairy, he had stomache aches and the doc said that this was from the change in diet. So hopefully she is not allergic anymore:)

  • Pig in the kitchen

    Hooray! You’re back! I linked you to my blog in February I think, and then I thought you’d stopped posting, glad to see you’re still around…

    weren’t you moving to the uk? or are you still based in Australia?

  • Josh Neimark

    I have just read some of your posts. I also have a blog (recently started), although I only suffered extreme allergies as a child (itchy eyes, stuffed nose, etc) a few years back I was plauged with a bizzare condition including anapylactic shock on a very regular basis. You might find the story of my self-transformation intersting…I am free of allergic reactions entirely. I haven;t read all you have here, but has anyone ever discussed the Thymus Gland with you?

  • Kylie

    Hi Pigx!

    Thanks for your post. No we are not moving to the UK…. yet, for the next couple of years at least. I got a great new job, which will require us to move to Canberra (the capital of Australia… no Sydney is not the capital :))
    So we still will be moving, but that’s a few months off yet.
    Been a bit slack with posting… must get better.

    By the way – I love your blog, the photos are spectacular – well done.


  • Kylie

    Hey Josh,

    Thanks for your comment.
    Interesting blog! I’m hanging out for the next installment(s)… so hurry up 🙂
    I need to do a Josh transformation…

    I’ll read up a bit on the Thymus – thanks for the tip.

    Thanks Kylie

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