I am horrified and furious.

I was cruising the web and happened across some blogs/bloggers that were critical of schools banning peanut products. Some of the comments were along the lines of: Parents were over reacting; If I found out someone had peanut allergy I’d stuff peanuts in the noses and ears and mouths; I used to be able to eat peanut butter at school – what’s the big deal; and it goes on.

I took my child out of a kinder because of a poor teacher. This teacher was mental unstable and ended up being removed… however in the interim she victimised the other food allergic kids that chose to stay. Amongst her atrocities, this teacher allowed allergy foods in the class!! A parent “forgot” and brought a birthday cake that contained nuts and egg. Whoops. Oh well don’t worry, we will make sure the allergy kids are sent to the corner and punished for their sins – let them watch the rest of the class eat cake and have a party. After all they are 4 years old and they understand they are bad and should have to miss out. And since you went to the effort of baking – and forgot… well your effort is more valuable than a child’s life.

So she sat the allergy kids (and we are talking about 4 year olds here) away from the general group, excluded and distanced, and then allowed the other children to taunt, discriminate and victimise these kids. Can you imagine how they felt? (If not check this out and it might give you a clue.) And why? Because they have a life threatening immunological response to certain proteins. Can they change it? No. Can their parents change it? No. Can the medicos change it? No.

So if you don’t know or understand the facts and the outcomes, I kindly ask you to pull your #$% head in. These kids have enough to deal with, without being accused of having a make believe affliction and then being taunted in the school yard – OR WORSE… being exposed to their allergens by arrogant and ignorant parents or fellow students. Yes I’m angry – and I should probably leave this for a day and moderate it. But f%$# it – its my blog and I’ll rant if I want to!!

The general misunderstanding about allergies in the community shows how important education of the general public is in the fight to keep these children alive.

Anyone reading this who thinks I am over-reacting, please go and hear Sabrina’s story and learn what reality is for some children. If education and public awareness can save one child’s life, then it’s worth the effort.

Now I feel moderately better.


2 responses to “Horrified

  • inspiredmumof2

    Hi, I understand about the allergies thing. My son got my bad genes and I try to cook something that he can eat. He is only 5 years old.

  • Rings

    My wife is a fourth grade teacher and they recently implemented the no peanuts policy for snacks. She actually had a kid with the peanut allergy last year and even if he touched the food he would have a small reaction.

    I understand food allergies. I used to get stuck every summer to “retest” for my allergies and never got to eat at the parties our school had. In fact I never had a meal from the cafeteria in elementary school.

    I love bloggers that speak on things they have absolutely no idea about. They get enraged when something happens that causes an inconvenience for them.


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