The Parent’s Guide to Food Allergies

I found a terrific book at the local library – “The Parent’s Guide to Food Allergies” written by Marianne S. Barber with Maryanne Bartoszek Scott MD & Elinor Greenberg PhD. (618.92BAR)

It was first published in 2001 – just a little too late to help when Bella was diagnosed with food allergies. Reading it in hindsight, I realise what a great resource it would have been. I searched in vein for a book just like this. I found VERY heavy medical texts, and fluffy/new age/self-help/naturopathy type books that refer to intolerances as “allergies” and offered very inappropriate advice. (Don’t get me wrong – I think Naturopathy is great and helps with all manner of ailments.)

This is the book I really wanted!

It is very comprehensive and practical in its approach and advice. My only issue is that it is written in North America so it doesn’t reference local organisations and systems.

The introduction explains the inspiration for the book, the authors own experience with their child’s first and extremely scary discovery of food allergies.

If you go to Amazon you can see the index and first couple of pages.

In terms of a reference book – this one covers off all the important areas, provides clarity and serves as a valuable resource to parent’s of food allergic children.

Very broadly, the book covers:

  • an overview of food allergies and explains the differences between intolerances and true allergic reactions;
  • allergy testing;
  • food challenges
  • compensating for food that cannot be eaten
  • explanation of anaphylaxis
  • treatment of anaphylaxis
  • action plans
  • details of the typical food allergies – milk; egg; wheat; peanut; tree nuts and seeds; soybean; fish & shellfish; unusual allergies;
  • hidden allergies
  • reading labels
  • shopping at the deli; grocer; butcher; ice-cream shop
  • eating at restaurants
  • dealing with  health care providers (This is very North American centric)
  • a recipe section
  • a raft of emotional issues
  • dealing with holidays and special occasions
  • travelling
  • going to school
  • asthma and environmental allergies

I highly recommend this to other parents of children with food allergies.

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