Milo’s Song – Aged 7

Myles wrote a song tonight. It blows my mind – and here it is (minus the tune of course, and with the spelling (which was also creative) corrected ):

Dolphins flying high in the sky

People don’t know why

People go on boats and they don’t believe it

I went and saw the truth

and people get hypnotised

My head starts to flow

There’s dragons in the skies

And there’s seabirds in the water

I compare this to the structured and controlled writing of a little Isabella – at roughly the same age. To produce 2 kids – so completely different is a wonder. And thank goodness this phenomenon, for the sake of the world. For every structured and focused achiever, we need a dreamer and artist.

Balance is important for each of us as individuals; as important as it is for society.

2 responses to “Milo’s Song – Aged 7

  • Dishz

    I know I am very biased because you are my grandson, but I, like your Mum, am absolutely knocked out by your song. It is so beautiful.
    I am very proud of you and I hope you keep on writing like this because the world needs more beauty.
    Lots and lots of love from

  • Bron

    I love it too Milo, keep up the good work,

    Aunty Bronny

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