Peanut Allergy Death Inquest

In the news today – information about the inquest into Nathan Francis’ death whilst under the care of his school.  See the article HERE.

In the past I found some people think parents of children with allergies over-react….  I can’t even begin to imagine how Nathan’s parents feel, having entrusted the safety of their son to others, only to be let down in the most unimaginable way. But it makes me recall instances where people scoffed at our approach to managing Isabella’s allergies.

I hope the inquest helps Nathan’s family achieve some closure.

I send a prayer to Nathan and his family, and to other families of children with food allergies. And I live in the hope that allergy awareness has increased to the level that health professionals; education and community organisations are educated and prepared to extend the same level of attention in managing allergies as is provided in the family home.

To all the kids (and adults) out there with allergies – may your challenge be treated seriously by your teachers; your friends; your community; and your restaurateurs, so you can live your life to your full potential, without fear.




2 responses to “Peanut Allergy Death Inquest

  • Cherie Kelly

    Hi Kylie

    I remember when I heard of Nathan’s tragic death. I was speaking to a friend who worked at Scotch and I couldn’t believe that in this day and age that food like satay would even be a consideration for a school camp. This is not an accident – its negligence.


    • kylie

      I applaud your thinking. Unfortunately, some people think we are overprotective and paranoid parents!
      We have to keep repeating the message.

      Must catch up this month too…
      Give me a call.


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