Old Photos

Several years ago (maybe 12-15?) I purchased a couple of old photo albums at the Camberwell Trash and Treasure market.

I was fascinated by them, particularly one which contained photos from Jerusalem, which I knew (and know) little about. Over the years, I’ve spent quite some time looking through the images and wondering what on earth I would ever do with them.

I felt a little uncomfortable in some respects – viewing the pictures belonging to someone I didn’t even know. But more-so, I felt saddened to think the families of the photographers didn’t choose to keep the albums for their own history. Or were these photographers simply the last twig on the end of their family tree? Or had they lost touch or cut ties with their relatives? However they ended up with me I felt both honoured and responsible. Honoured to be the recipient. Responsible for ensuring these images were available for others who may be interested.

In the past week I’ve referred to the photos twice. Firstly, a colleague showed me the photos he took of his recent visit to Israel, which reminded me I has the album tucked away in a cupboard somewhere. Then I retrieved the album to show a musician friend who was recording with Pete. She was talking about her Israeli partner and caused me to retrieve the photos from their hidy-hole. She was fascinated by the photos too – and suggested posting them on the web. This is something I’ve considered before, so with the rash of activity drawing me to this conclusion – I spent some time last week scanning the album and uploading the files to flickr.

I’ve now scanned the photos and uploaded them onto flickr – so you can view the whole collection here.

I’d love to hear what you think of them……..

My favorites….

Old Photos - People in Jerusalem

Old Photos - People in Jerusalem


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