About Kylie

Hi, welcome to me.

I’m a single mum with 2 kids, Isabella and Myles aka Milo.

I work in the design industry after nearly 20 years in the telecoms.

My main reason for starting this blog is to talk about allergies. Well food allergies in particular. Isabella has quite severe allergies and has suffered an anaphylactic reaction. We have learned a lot over the years, however still struggle with making people aware of her condition and taking it seriously.

Recently, a young NSW boy died on a school camp. Richard Guilliatt’s article, “Death on the menu”, published in the Good Weekend on December 10, 2005 provides a overview of the situation. Fortunately for children living with allergies in NSW, the government has changed the regulations for the better.

Knowledge about allergies needs to be an integral part of the training of the educators and carers of our children.

Anyways – I’m getting carried away already.

Poker – now that’s more fun!


14 responses to “About Kylie

  • Jeanette Sutton

    I have just launched my website http://www.eggfreebaking.com and would like to bring it too your notice.
    My Eggfree Baking Book is a comprehensive cookbook covering most aspects of baking egglessly. It contains over 180 recipes from old favorites to new developments including – cafe style cakes, cheesecakes, moist muffins, dessert cakes, biscuits and slices, special occasion cakes, and more.
    All the recipes are lacto-vegetarian friendly and 3/4 can be made vegan.
    The book will be available through the website from mid December. In the meantime subscribe to the newsletter and receive 2 free recipes to sample. For more information go to http://www.eggfreebaking.com.

    Kind regards
    Jeanette Sutton

  • Anna

    Hi Kylie

    I just stumbled across your website this morning, while looking at the internet for a choc chip cookies receipe. Of course, egg and dairy free.

    My son Harry was diagnosed with dairy, egg and nut allergies when he was 4 months old (dairy at 4 months, the rest later). At 9 months, he had an anaphylactic reaction to milk. It was heart wrenching.

    I felt so alone and isolated raising Harry. Although my husband is fantastic, I felt so responsible all the time and so so sad that Harry couldn’t have everything that other kids could.

    He is 2.5 years old now, and we manage most of the time. But I still feel the sense of isolation, and the feeling that I’m alone in this.

    That’s why it was so nice to come across your website. Firstly, it’s an Australian site, with real people. Secondly, you offer some great receipes that I can’t wait to try.

    thanks Kylie, and good luck with Bella.


  • Cory

    Hi Kylie,
    I’m a college sophomore at a uni in Philadelphia, PA. I’ve an upcoming presentation on allergies and it’s increasing global effect. I was wondering whether I could use Bella’s excema picture as an example?


  • Cory

    Hi Kylie,
    I’m a college sophomore at a uni in Philadelphia, PA. I’ve an upcoming presentation on the increasing prevalence and seriousness of allergies and was wondering whether I could use Bella’s excema picture for my class.


  • kylie

    Hi Cory,

    I appreciate you asking permission. I’d be happy for you to use the pictures for your assignment. Anything that increases awareness and/or searches for an answer to the food allergy question is right up there on my list.

    Good luck with your presentation.


  • nika

    Hi Kylie,

    we just found out that my younger brother is allergic to wheat, wheat gluten, egg, spelt, potato, milk & a long list of other food chemicals.

    He’s very upset that he won’t be able to eat chocolate for Christmas. I did manage to buy him some carob chocolates made on soy, & he was really excited, however when he tried them, they had no sugar in them. We’ve been looking for so long to find a soy carob chocolate with sugar, but there just doesn’t seem to be any available.

    I was wondering if you could do a recipe for carob soy chocolates?


  • kylie

    Hi Nika,

    Thanks for your vote of confidence in my cooking ability!
    I’m not much a wheat free cook… but check out this site. http://www.piginthekitchen.blogspot.com/ Not only is it beautiful, but piggy has heaps of yummy wheat and dairy free recipes.

    Checkout these two in particular

    Good luck

  • Summer

    Hi Kylie:

    Thanks for your informative site. My son is 3 moths old and although we have been taking him to the doctor for what they said was “just eczema” since he was 6 weeks it was only last week that the doctor began to suggest an allergic reaction. I am very disappointed in the docotr’s reaction and have been left to muddle thru a vague prescription of, “try this, then this”. It was comforting to find your site and know that there are other parents out there figuring this out for themselves too. The medical community seems to not be concerned about these allergic reactions. Thanks for for sharing your story.

    Hope Bella is doing well,

  • Kyles

    Hi Summer,

    The understanding of food allergies is relatively “new” for the traditional medicos.. and I understand your frustration trying to battle through yourself.

    Bella is doing brilliantly!
    I hope, that if you are dealing with food allergies, your son comes through the other end unscathed 🙂

    Good luck

  • Kirsten

    Hi Kylie

    I came across your blog while searching for egg free biscuit recipes. I am a member of an Australian online Anaphylaxis Support Group and thought you might be interested (I think we could all benefit from your experiences too). (Anaphylaxistalk.com.au). We are trying to boost members as we are all (from our own experiences) acutely aware of the difficulties faced and lack of information available (and lack of support in Australia) when it comes to Allergies, Eczema and Anaphylaxis.

  • Jeanette

    Hi Kylie,

    Just to let you know about my latest EggFree Baking recipe which I’m quite excited about.

    I have managed to successfully make egg free marshmallows. I’t all in the fluffy mixture that the hot jell mixture is beaten into. The fluffy mixture base is soy protein isolate which the commercial makers cleverly hide in their list of ingredients as contains soy.

    Follow the link below and then you, too, can enjoy making homemade marshmallows.


    Warm regards,

  • Gina

    hi kylie,

    thank you for sharing your blog. i have a little girl (almost 3) with severe food allergies (eggs, dairy, soy, nuts– all legumes, actually, including any kind of bean, peas, lentils– fish, and shelfish, to name the main ones). anyway, we have things pretty under control now after several years of living in extreme anxiety and fear. i was just brought to tears reading one of your entries about the people who were saying such nasty stuff about peanut-free schools and the kids taunting other kids…. my daughter was in daycare for a while and we all had a really tough time…. too many stories for me to even begin to share. i picked her up several times with her eyes almost swollen shut. one time when i picked her up i was informed that she had been “foaming at the mouth” at rest time before they finally decided to go ahead and give her a benadryl strip (‘ya think!?). they were equipped with benadryl and epi-pens and were aware of her allergies, but always thought that i was an overprotective parent and didn’t ever take me seriously… anyway, my husband got a new job this year, and i am finally able to be home with her again. i feel soooo blessed. i just wanted to thank you for all you are doing to educate people about food allergies, and also for sharing some recipes. i’m trying to find a donut recipe before we head to the apple orchard this week… i think i may be able to adapt yours with rice milk and palm oil shortening. we’ll see! 🙂 another question for you– does your son have food allergies? did you do anything differently when you were pregnant the second time? we are contemplating having another child and i’ve heard both sides– that the mama should avoid the allergenic foods or that she should expose the baby to the foods in utero. i don’t know what is correct… do you? thanks for any advice!
    take care,

    • kylie

      Hi Gina,
      I total sympathise with your struggle!
      For most of my pregnancy with Myles, I was on a restricted diet as I was still breastfeeding Isabella. Toward the end of my pregnancy, I weaned her, however I can no longer recall whether I continued with the restrictions. I suspect I didn’t.
      Myles does not have any food allergies (unless you count refusing to eat his greens), and has never suffered from excema. Ironically, his favorite foods are those Isabella is allergic to: eggs, cheese, milk and fish!
      Once weaned, I gave Myles Soy formula as I was concerned about Isabella drinking from his bottles/cups, so it was easier to manage that way.
      I was very cautious introducing food to Myles, as I’m sure you can appreciate – but there was no issue at all.
      In the surveys I have been conducting; for the extremely small sample set (15 respondents so far):
      2 have no siblings
      6 have 1 sibling with no allergies
      1 has 2 siblings with no allergies
      1 has 3 sibling with no allergies
      1 had 4 siblings of which 2 have allergies
      2 families responded with 2 kids who both have allergies

      OR out of 17 unique siblings of the respondents, 4 have food allergies.

      If genetics are to blame, and the gene is recessive (which is what I have been told), there is a one in four chance that a child from parents who both have the recessive gene will have food allergies. There are a few assumption from this statement and I’m not sure they are valid, however the numbers from the survey are consistent with this theory….
      I have my fingers crossed for you if you decide to go ahead with number two.
      Take care

  • Richard Leonard

    G’day Kylie. Great blog you have here. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you accept, please follow this link: http://richardleonard.wordpress.com/2012/06/09/versatile-blogger-award/

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