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“Sneeze” by Isabella Toose

Sneeze on Monday – sneeze for sorrow

Sneeze on Tuesday – kiss a stranger

Sneeze on Wednesday – get a letter

Sneeze on Thursday – something better

Sneeze on Friday – wishes come

Sneeze on Saturday – sneeze for luck

Sneeze on Sunday – best things happen!


The Smallest Flower by Isabella Toose


Once upon a time there lived a flower. The flower had a family that was rather large. He was the smallest flower in the family and he didn't have any friends.

He had ten sisters and ten brothers. He did try to make friends. He tried as hard as he could but he just couldn't make any friends.

One day the little flower saw another flower. It was just the same age as him. He asked the other flower if he would be his friend. And she said "Yes". So finally he found a friend.

He told all his brothers and sisters. He introduced her to his broethers and sisters.

And the brothers and sisters got angrier by the minute. The little flower and his friend were laughing there giglles out.

 The end.

The Never Ended Story by Isabella Toose

This is a story written by Bella, who is 6 years old.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Ellie. She loved to read stories in bed and she had a whole bookshelf of them.

One day Ellie decided that she was going to read all of the books in the bookshelf. She went into her bedroom and looked into her bookshelf.

This amazing book appeared and that book was called The Never Ended Story and she opened the book and started to read. It was 12 o'clock in the morning, she read and she read until it was time for school.

So she got up and while she was eating her toast, she read and she read until she was late for school. Then she got in the car and got her Dad to drive her to school.

While she was in the car, guess what she did? She read and she read AND SHE READ!!! While she was in class with Miss Lungman she read and she read and Miss Lungman saw her and said "That's it!! You're not staying in this class at all". Ellie was scared and then Miss Lungman said "Your going to reading class". Ellie was not scared any more. She was quite happy that she was going to the reading class.

And just guess what Ellie started doing? You've got it, she started reading again.

Suddenly she stopped reading. She thought she didn't want to be in the reading class any more. It went for 12 hours, so she didn't want to. She just always wanted to stay at home everyday and read The Never Ended Story, so that's what she did.

The End.

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