Food Allergy Survey (FAS)

Since I can’t justify US$25 per month to use a survey/questionnaire service, and I don’t think I will be overwhelmed with responses, at least in the first month 🙂 I am going to try a manual method of data collection.
If you would like to contribute information to my database, please see my Please Note below, then leave a comment below and I will email a Survey to you to complete and send back by return email.

All data, without individuals details, will be available in the Results page. I will looking for trends, showing graphs (if I can figure out how to add them) and other stats as applicable.


If you complete my survey:

1. I will not pass any information that you provide to any other party in a form that can be linked to you.
2. Information provided will form part of stats and graphs and other analysis shown in results.
3. Your email details will not provided to any other party, unless authorised by you.
4. Information is being gathered for the purpose of interest and education and not for commercial gain.

**** PLEASE NOTE – UPDATE 15 JAN 08 *****

I am developing an on line survey. A link will be posted here when complete. I have not sent out surveys in recent times and do not intend to send any new ones as this will be replaced by the online survey.

If you leave a comment below, I will email the link to the new survey page. If you have already left a message, I will also send an email. Or, if you prefer, please check back to this page every now and then to find the link. I hope to have the survey operational in the next month of so.

****FINALLY IT’S HERE – UPDATED 12th September 2009******

OK so it took a little longer than a month

The Food Allergy Survey

Click HERE to provide your input.

Click HERE for results.

PLEASE NOTE: If you answered an email survey – I have already entered you responses.


50 responses to “Food Allergy Survey (FAS)

  • Frances Whitten

    Hi Kylie,
    I found your blog and would love to fill in a questionnaire. I have an egg allergy and am always amazed where eggs turn up. Beer… can you belive it? So i am trying to find beers that don’t contain eggs. “Beer and eggs madam” not “beer and nuts madam”. Red wine is another that i have had to resist, not too mention countless bought foods. Even resturant owners will lie until i show them the whelt’s i have just developed on my legs…since i ate the dish they just served… after ensuring me that no egg was used.

    I have found the vegan food of Qld website very helpful.
    Away enough babbling. I’m in Melbourne and look forward to seeing your blog develop.
    Kind regards,

  • kylie

    Hi Frances,
    Yes it is amazing where egg and other foods turn up! I had another experience today that I am just about to write a blog about.
    Apparently wine makers use egg to help eliminate grape skins and other sediment from the wine. Perhaps beer makers do the same.
    The scary part is the lack of understanding in the community about how severely some people react to “ordinary food”, and that they are not just being precious about what they eat. It’s like the old dear in the shopping centre who thinks you are a mean mother for not letting your child have a chocolate Santa – “one won’t hurt!”.
    Anyway – I have emailed you the survey and look forward to your response.


  • Karen Rhodes

    I’d be happy to participate in your survey.

    My younger daughter, now 33, has been allergic to cinnamon since she was about 15. It is deadly to her. I am finding that not much is known about it, and that some of the allergy sites actually are posting RECIPES with cinnamon in them, all the while purporting to be information sources about allergies which may threaten our children’s lives. I just sent one a rather acerbic letter pointing out that what may be yummy to their peanut- or soy- or milk-allergic child may KILL mine!

    More information needs to get out, and I guess it’s up to US to do it.


  • Pau

    Hi Kylie,

    I’d be happy to fill out your survey aswell. I am severely allergic to nuts, peanuts, eggs and mustard. I am 20 now, and I used to be allergic to all kinds of other products – allergies that luckily disappeared. I think I am one of the ultimate experts on (how to treat) eczema and (how to cook delicious food when you have) food allergies.

    I am looking forward to your survey and especially the results!

  • kylie

    Hey thanks Paul,

    I have been very slack lately – work has been consuming me. I need to get back to my other “work” and write an update and respond to people.

    If you have any recipes you’d like to send me for the site, I’d be happy to add them!


  • Sue

    Hi Kylie,
    I would also be happy to fill out a questionnaire. My 9 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with a milk allergy. Up until about January, she had no problems with milk or foods containing milk. Then she started having severe stomach pains that would leave her crying for 24 hours and unable to do anything but lay flat. After many blood test, an upper GI and frustrations with her pediatrician (who tried to tell us it was “all in her head), we finally switched doctors, got referred to an allergy doctor and found out about the milk allergy. She is a much happier child now. Although it’s been tough finding a wide variety foods that she can eat, she’s been a real trouper.
    Thanks for your website!

  • Anna

    happy to complete your survey. My son, who’s almost one, has a severe egg allergy. I was rooting around for birthday cake recipes which is how I came across your site!

  • kylie

    Hi Anna & Sue,

    Thanks for your feedback, it’s great to know that this info is useful. I’ll send them to you via email.


  • leanne

    Hi Kylie,
    My son now aged 10 was diagnosed at 5 months with severe allergies to all Dairy, all Nuts & Eggs. My daughter now 8 is allergic to all Nuts & a slight intolerance to wheat/oats. My kids Doctor was not happy with our family history, his statistics said the allergies should have come from either my husband or myself. My son is the first in our family & with my daughter allergic to nuts & a nephew (aged 3) allergic to nuts & eggs we wonder, WHY US? I was blamed for having too much dairy whilst pregnant with my son, maybe I ate too much peanut butter as well, but I don’t eat eggs so where did that come from. Other Dr’s say this is not so but if they don’t do surveys on what we eat while pregnant how will they know anything.
    I, like alot of other “allergy” mums, get really upset & angry with other “non-allergy mums” who think my kids are just fussy eaters. Education is really needed for THESE people not those who are around allergy children all the time. “Just one won’t hurt them” really needs to be pushed to our society that “YES IT CAN”! IT CAN KILL!! My son gets upset & angry when he can’t have “normal” food like other kids, but he realises he is better off than some others & I hope he knows enough about his condition that with the peer pressure in his future years (especially the teens) he will keep safe & well.
    Good luck to everyone

  • Cheryl

    Dear Kylie
    I have been learning about my food sensitivities/allergies for 24 years, since I started linking so many different symptoms with varied foods. At present I need to avoid gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs, tree nuts, fish and shellfish, most fruits, yeast and mold (which rules out many forms of produce) and, of course, all artificial color and flavoring. I eat a lot of beans, seeds and rice, as well as pure, unadulterated poultry. Have adapted a couple of baking recipes which hold together with bean flour, guar gum and/or gelatin. Recently discovered I get headaches from toothpaste and dental floss. Would be glad to share what I have learned. Am always trying to find out more. Thanks for your blog.

  • Cheryl

    Dear Kylie
    I forgor to say that I would be happy to fill out your questionnaire.

  • Cheryl

    Dear Kylie
    I forgot to say that I would be happy to fill out your questionnaire.

  • kylie

    I have been very slack at sending out the surveys….
    I must get onto it 🙂

  • wine

    I really believe it is due to technology. All our food has been bio-engineered and the incidences of contamination from the genetic level through to the manufacturing and distribution level has gone through the roof.

  • kylie

    mmm… it would seem to be linked in some instances.
    Thanks for your thoughts.. sorry for the delay in it appearing… unfortunately my spam catcher pulled your comment – which I recovered.
    (To date there’s been about 300 spam comments.)

  • Nancy

    I would also be happy to fill out your survey. My daughter, who is 3 now, is allergic to dairy and eggs. We discovered her allergies when she was a baby and it has been a struggle to keep her safe and well-fed ever since. I have also been wondering what has caused her to have these allergies and if any of our possible future children will have them too. Thanks for your blog. I have used a couple of your recipes and my daughter loves them.

  • Michael

    I was diagnosed with ADHD about two years ago, upon having difficulties in a long term relationship. Since then I have tried many things to combat the effects of ADHD with no success. In fact I noticed that my symptoms were getting worse. I tried concerta, ritalin, chinese herbal medicine, acupunture, fish oil etc etc. Much expense, no effect.

    I decided to diss the doctors and pick up a natural remedies book. I’ll diagnose myself. So I discovered that I needed to give up alcohol, caffine, and of course artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

    Rather than looking for a cure on ADHD, I researched anger, depression, frustration etc. to come to the above remedies.

    It has now been 6 weeks since I started this ‘diet’ and I’ve got to say, I have never felt this good in my life.

    I now notice that whenever I eat/drink anything with any of the above items, my symptoms return within an hour or two (anger and depression being the worst).

    It’s bad not being able to eat what I want, and my energy levels are severly low (compared to before), but the change that it has made is life changing. No Joke.

    Please feel free to send me your survey.

  • mary

    Similar to Michael my 17 year old son has suffered from similar symptom. We knew he was allergic to Milk since he was 3 but now we discover sugar, all wheat, soy, sugars,all dairy, honey, chocolate, coffee etc.(45 ingredients)I am trying rice flour but if anyone has any good receipes I would appreciate it. Keep up your website there is not much out there because allergies are soooo specific. It is difficult to find receipes. Thank-you

  • Michael

    In response to Mary (above). Perhaps your son is also allergic to food colors/additives/preservative? I have looked on the internet and there does not seem to be any test to check for allergic reactions to these things.

    Some milks have stabilizers (E-numbers), some flours also, chocolate has caffine (as does coffee), colors etc (try organic chocolate – tastes fine, no side-effects).

    The amount of things that have artificial colors, preservatives and additives are amazing. Milk, Chewing gum, lots of drinks…

    Also have to be careful eating at restaurants. I think deserts in particular. I had two days of depression, frustration and anger after eating cheesecake. Colors I presume.

    I’ve heard that tomatoes also contain something which triggers similar effects as artifical ingredients. I have however not noticed this.

    All the best…

  • T Ray

    Hi Kylie – I would be happy to fill out your survey as well. My son, 8, is anaphylactic to dairy and egg – he has been since he was a baby.

    My addition to the “list of things to make you mad” is HOSPITAL FOOD. He just had surgery for a tethered spinal cord/spina bifida occulta and I continue to be frustrated by food service IN A GOOD HOSPITAL that sends butter, jello topped with whipped cream and God knows what was in the mashed potatoes or on the vegetables to someone CLEARLY IDENTIFIED to have dairy allergy. Needless to say, he ate OUR food and we stayed with him 24/7.

    While I understand that food service in a hospital is a necessary evil to them – doesn’t add to the profit, especially if they use anyone other than the “plain Jane” service, I wonder how many complications arise from bad hospital food? I wonder how many people have high sodium content in their hospital-provided “low sodium diet”? How many severe reactions have occurred because someone trusted the hospital to get their food right and ate something that caused a severe reaction?

    Enough of my venting…


  • Michael

    Have been finding the ‘new’ diet very difficult. I think it is probably my body becoming used to complete change in diet. My energy levels are rock bottom. Almost passed out the other day (literally), when out for a 10 minute bike ride. Now thats saying something when only 2 months ago I used to go for 6 hour bike rides in 30 degree heat, 90% humidity.

    It seems that this is becoming a real lifestyle change. I am avoiding artificial colours, additives, preservatives, alcohol and caffine like the plague now. I feel completely ‘normal’ and can totally see the changes. The most inspiring thing about this ‘lifestyle change’ is that when I do have something I shouldn’t, I become ‘that other person’ which I am so afraid of becoming.

    I am now researching the ‘perfect diet’, so I have all the energy levels I need. I think before I got most of my energy from mcD’s and chocolate bars, so this has been quite a shock to my system.


  • Dennise

    I just wanted to let you know that is vitally important to get the information out on allergic reactions, especially in children. Other than the obvious information you can find on physical reactions there is also emotional reactions. Unfortunately, the only way I know of to test for these is called the elimination diet where you avoid the suspect food for several days to 1 week and then 1 day eat nothing but that food. I have read thru your blog and give you credit for what you are doing. I had no idea food could cause my 6yr old to be suicidal until it was almost too late. Best of luck to you!

  • Meg Vertigan

    Hi Kylie,

    I would love to fill in your survey. My daughter looked like the photo shown of your daughter when she was just 3 days old- and that was from my breast milk!!

    She can’t have eggs, dairy, seafood, mushrooms, food colourings and amines and wheat aren’t that great either.

    i am now pregnant and worried about the next baby!


  • kylie

    Hi Meg,

    If it helps – my second child has no known allergies and scoffs milk and eggs!

    I have my fingers crossed, it will be allergy free.

    I will forward my survey shortly.
    Best of luck

  • Sherry

    Kylie, I can’t wait to fill out your survey!!! I suffered for years with multiple symptoms from migraines to physical swelling and was labeled a “hypochondriac” since doctors could not diagnose my problems. Finally, after literally demanding a referral, I saw an allergist who did not perform the standard “patch” tests, but ordered extensive blood-work. Those results revealed I’m allergic to MSG, yeast, and eggs! I know my diet is extremely limited/restricted, but at least I feel like a whole person again! Thank you so much for starting this Blog – Wonderful!

    God Bless!

  • Kellie

    Hello, I would like to take part in your servey, Out 2 year old son has what the doctor said was the worst case of eczema he had seen in a child. No treatment has worked for him. He to cant drink cows milk, So we give him goats. An has just developed ashma. We are still trying to work out the other foods that dont agree with him. We are from tasmania. An your daughters skin looks like our Sons,Not so bad on his face but all over his body..sometimes he gets swollen lips after eating but like I said we are still trying to work it out. An would love to get any information that you mught have already got in your survey.. All the best . Kellie

  • Kathy Smith

    I would like a survey as well please. And for the person above, Kellie, about 95% of people allergic to cow milk are allergic to goat milk as well. My son is egg/ milk/ soy allergic and it showed in severe asthma. So FYI. We feed him rice milk, but also there is oat milk. Does anyone know of a milk free, soy free margarine??? Good luck to all!

  • Kylie

    Hi Kathy,

    I have been very slack of late… I will send the survey soon 🙂


  • Kylie

    Hi Kylie, my youngest son is anaphylactic to eggs, wheat, nuts and potatohe is also allergic to oats, soy, peas and many other things.He has severe infantile ezcema, he has had a staph infection on his face and constantly gets hives from becoming stressed (crying) and heated (when he gets hot in summer and when the bath is above lukewarm). I would love to fill out your survey.
    To Kathy above i have found it very difficult to find anything that does not contain soy in some form. watch out for the hidden emulsifiers which most are based on soy, i found these the worst. I didn;t know that they use soy in canola spray (we found out the hard way)
    Kylie, i will look forward to getting your survey.
    thanks for starting this blog.

  • Jakee

    i am also take part in your survey because i have also suffering with allergy i can’t take fish and drink wine.

  • Swaha

    I’d be happy to help with your data collection. If you’re still looking for survey participants, send one my way.

  • Kylie

    I have been very poor at following through on the surveys. I will send one to you… and one day I might get around to publishing some results!!!

    Thanks for the offer!

  • Kara Brock

    My daughter was diagnosed with anaphalaxis 4 years ago. (At age 2) I would love to fill out your survey.

  • VK

    My 3.5 yr old son is severely allergic to milk and eggs. He has seasonal allergies too. The blood test(RAST) is highly inaccurate in its results. I know people who have higher values than my son yet don’t react to those foods. And it came out positive for some foods that he doesn’t react to at all. I only avoid the foods that I can visibly see he has a problem with, otherwise if I rely on what the RAST test says, I cannot give him any food. He has developed asthma too over the years. Some people term it allergic march. I am very confused about all of this and continously trying to find answers. Nobody including the doctors have answers to several questions. From my own research, I have heard that these are the reasons that are contributing to an increasing rate of allergies – milk pasteurization, too much of hygiene, westernization/industrialization, vaccination. It is possible because I had never heard of it in my home country and experiencing it for the first time with my son after moving to US. It seems like we are cursed with this..don’t know for how long.

  • Becky @ Boys Rule My Life

    Would be happy to fill out your survey and look forward to viewing your findings!


    I’m so glad I found your site. I have 6 children with allergies. I don’t even need to describe the situation, you all have a pretty good idea.

    My daughter (9) was on the bus going home when someone decided to throw their unwanted snack to a friend in the back of the bus. Out fell peanuts straight onto my daughter. She quickly took out her epi-pen and made it ready, told the driver she might have a reaction and took Benadryl. She did start getting hives on patches but cleared up as soon as the Benadryl worked. (she has a medic alert braclet as well) Its truly scary to wonder if your children will come home ok.
    Obviously all the kids (and I) have different allergies. So I started baking goods from home for all my friends with the same issues. Eventually it was too much work and I started selling my products in the stores. without much advertizment we now sell our products in the US, Canada, England and Belgium. Our products cover almost all the allergies mentioned by your subscribers.
    Our website is under construction an does not list all products available at this time, however E-mails are welcome, and a product list can be faxed or mailed over.
    Besides for our own products, we sell unique raw ingredients for baking as well.
    All our products are Kosher Certified, most are Vegan aproved. We have our own factory, watch for cross contamination between products and never use latex.
    1 888 280-5525

    Ps. I would love to take the survey, and it would be interesting to take more information on pregnancy. I have noticed harder pregnancies with my most allergic children.

  • Gareth


    I have a nut allergy and my baby has minor excema. If you think i can help your survey, contact me on

  • Kylie

    Hi Gareth,

    THe survey is getting closer. SHould be ready by the end of February. I will drop you an email when it’s here.


  • Margaret

    My ds has peanut/TN/egg allergies and Milk/soy (and several others) intolerances. I would like to participate in the survey. Thanks!

  • Erin

    Hi! My 5 year old son has multiple food allergies (dairy, egg, soy & peanut). I would love to participate in your survey! Thanks!!

  • Gail

    Hi, I would like to take part in your survey. My daughter, now 13 months, has eczema that we are battling with. I am sure she has various food allergies though my GP continues to tell me that she will grow out of it! It makes me mad and frustrated to see my little girl go through this and noone appears willing to help or know what to do! Found this site through another while looking for ideas for recipes which don’t include dairy, egg (which she has reacted to on her arm when I did a patch test myself!) and wheat.

    Interested in the harder pregnancys theory also as I had Hyperemisis and was hospitalised 3 times with it. Could hardly eat or drink (at one point I couldn’t do either and had to be on a drip!) and when I could I found that milk was one of the thing’s I could keep down…has this poss contiributed to my daughter’s eczema???

    Anyhow, would love to see the info you have collated!


  • anna

    I know your offer of a survey was from 2006; are you still doing them and/or do you have results from them? I’m interested as Today I fed my almost 10mth DS salmon..about an inch in width/length/height worth (I tried the salmon after I fed him his normal dinner). Almost immediately afterwards, I noticed blotches on his face. So we were playing for about 40 minutes and i noticed he was rubbing his eyes..then next thing I knew, he threw up his entire dinner..then we noticed some blotches on his thigh. His mood was okay..he continued playing. And then an hr later, he gave him his bottle as we normally do b4 he goes to bed. Do you think the vomiting is an allergic reaction to the salmon (I didn’t introduce any other new foods today)? Could he have a reaction on such little salmon eaten?

  • Kylie

    Firstly, I am not a Doctor nor have any medical training, so what I write here is purely my opinion.

    It sounds very much like an allergic reaction. The blotching and vomitting are typical reactions.
    If I were you, I would seek medical advice – see you GP and request a referal to an allergy specialist for testing.
    Do not try any other fish products in the mean time.
    Bella’s first reaction to a small piece of Salmon was throwing up and swelling. Her lips also swelled up when Salmon touched her lips on another occassion.

    Yes – I am still planning on doing the surveys… but am taking a lot longer to finish things than I would like 🙂

    Good Luck

  • Emily

    I just stumbled across your blog while looking for an allergy-free pancake recipe. My 6 year old has been a long-term sufferer of eczema. I only just found out he is sensitive to gluten, dairy, eggs, and a host of other things. So, I’m on a mission to heal his little body. You may contact me anytime for more information. Thanks for this blog!

  • kylie

    Thanks Emily,

    I will be in touch when I eventually get organisaed!


  • Christine

    I came across your website looking for an egg substitute. My 3 year old son is allergic to peanuts, dairy products, soy, eggs, wheat, dogs. It has been a long two years of trying to figure out what he can eat. He has asthma and mild excema. I feel so alone because nobody I know has children with food allergies. It is difficult to see him excluded from pizza parties and birthday cake, even Halloween candy. I would like to take your survey and also find more allergy free recipes.

  • alyzee

    I’m doing a report for university about the prevalence if wheat sensitivity on campus. The point of my report is to get the university to include more gluten-free food options. I’m putting together a survey but don’t have enough time to reach many people apart from my uni friends – is it possible for you to provide me with the results of your survey that I might quote in my report in addition to my own findings? I will credit your research and send you a copy of the final draft.
    I would really appreciate your help. I only have two weeks!

  • Drew

    Hello! Kylie,
    No one seems to have answers for me, I develop a skin fungi in the form of white blotches on my skin every once in a while. It takes a liking to my face chest and back, I constantly have to buy medication that is becoming very expensive. I am from the caribbean region and I have suspected Pork and Pumpkin as the culprit, please help I need closure. May I please paticipate in the survey?

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